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What is CattlActive?
CattlActive is an all-natural antibacterial cleanse intended to support cattle during periods of stress and disease.

Administered as a drench, CattlActive increases appetite and water consumption, especially during times of stress.

Take a Look at CattlActive’s Amazing Benefits!

Increases feed conversion and saves you money!

Gives calves an appetite, reduces sickness and increases weight, which means you maximize your profits!

Reduces stress in calves during initial vaccinations/branding and weaning.

Reduces vet bills when used on your herd as a preventive measure.

Supports a healthy immune system while restoring the overall health in your herd.

Increases appetite and water consumption during times of stress.

Combats digestive problems and is proven to help cattle utilize their feed well, increasing your weight gain.

A standalone defense against disease or an adjunct to traditional methods.

In addition, CattlActive is proven to work on the following ailments:
Loss of Appetite
Digestive Aliments, and more.
How does CattlActive work?
The ingredients in CattlActive create a pH level in the rumen that encourages good digestion.  This increases the digestion in the rumen, allowing cattle to digest their feed better. Improved digestion and a healthy feed and water intake promote healthier cattle and increase your profits.CattlActive works best when administered to cattle on an empty stomach and is completely all-natural and safe to use.

Corn oil, guargum, orange extract, onion extract, soybean oil, glycerine, vegetable-based fatty acids, water.



Administer 5ML when branding and/or administering initial vaccines. Administer 10ML when weaning in order to give calves an appetite. This will reduce stress and sickness.When treating calves, it will cost you only $1.35 per dose to keep them healthy and eating. Compare our prices to other traditional medicines and you will immediately see a huge saving when you use CattlActive as a preventive.Zero meat or milk withdrawal.CattlActive is recommended to be used in water tanks during the first 7 days to keep infectious bacteria from spreading. Administer 2ML per gallon of water.It is recommended to administer CattlActive as an additive when antibiotics are being used.  This will increase appetite and the effectiveness of the rumen. CattlActive will also aid in preventing rumen acidosis during periods of stress and disease.

Please note:
We are not promoting that you quit using medicine completely. We do recommend using traditional methods once an animal becomes sick. CattlActive is proven to be an excellent preventive, reducing the number of sick cattle, although it is in no way a medical treatment that will replace traditional methods if an animal becomes sick.

CattlActive has a 5 year shelf life
500 ml~~$125.00
Half Gallon~~$350.00
Drench Gun~~$50.00
1 Gallon~~$700.00
1/2 Off Drench Gun ~~ $25.00
(Must Purchase 1 Gallon)
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